UIT University



Understanding the difficulties that higher education will face in the twenty-first century, the effects of globalization, and the need for a knowledge-based economy, UIT University started the Quality Enhancement Cell in April 2022. The goal is to assist the institution in its efforts to raise the level of instruction and research and make it compliant with global standards. The QEC thinks that pursuing excellence and improving quality must be balanced.

An institution can ensure with confidence and certainty that the standards and quality of its educational program are being upheld and improved by using Quality Assurance (QA). The QEC serves as a focal point for the quality assurance process to hold the standard of higher education and research. In addition, QEC works on academic capacity-building initiatives, public awareness drives, and teacher training to prepare Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) of the multiple teaching programs in their respective departments. In this respect, the QEC strives to preserve the interests of students, educators, employers, and other stakeholders involved in higher education through surveys and feedback.

Moreover, the QEC is concerned with fostering and promoting higher standards of research and education at the university and cultivating public confidence in the quality and integrity of the degrees at the university.

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