Semester I
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
HS101Oral Communication & Presentation Skills3+0
MS101Business Mathematics3+0
BA101Principles of Management3+0
BA102Financial Accounting3+0
CS101Introduction to Computer App.2+1
HS102Islamic Studies2+0
Total 17
Semester II
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
HS103English Writing Skills3+1
MS102Business Statistics3+0
SS101Introduction to Microeconomics3+0
HS104Pakistan studies2+0
BA103Managerial Accounting3+0
GA101Personal Effectiveness2+0
Total 16
Semester III
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
HS201Academic Writing3+0
MS201Statistical Inference3+0
SS201Introduction to Macroeconomics3+0
BA201Principles of Marketing3+0
BA202Introduction to Business Finance3+0
GA102Introduction to Psychology3+0
Total 18
Semester IV
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
HS202Business & Electronic Communication3+0
GA202Critical Thinking3+0
GA203Foundations of Human Behavior3+0
BA203Financial Management3+0
MS202Quantitative Techniques for Research3+0
Total 15
Semester V
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
BA301Marketing Management3+0
GA301Community Service3+0
BA302Human Resource Management3+0
SS304Development Economics3+0
GA302Foreign Language-I3+0
Total 18
Semester VI
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
BA303Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management3+0
BA304Business Research Methods3+0
BA305Operations Management3+0
GA303Business Ethics3+0
GA304Foreign Language-II3+0
Total 18
Semester VII
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
BA501Managerial Policy3+0
BA502Project Management3+0
BA503Organizational Behavior3+0
BA504Experiential Knowledge-I3+0
Total 15
Semester VIII
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
BA505Strategic Management3+0
BA506Corporate & Business Law3+0
BA507Supply Chain Management3+0
BA508Experiential Knowledge-II3+0
Total 15